Blue Bloods Makes Finnerty's 18 a Must Buy

Fans of the hit television show Blue Bloods may be searching online for the Finnerty’s scotch. After all, they make it look so delicious and perfect for the show. However, there is no such scotch whiskey in the world.

Like most of the alcohol in the show, as well as the rest of Hollywood, Finnerty’s is a fictitious scotch. In addition to making up names, the show is notorious for obscuring the labels and making bottles have the design of an infamous brand, but without flashing the real name.

Hollywood has become so popular at creating a list of fictitious beverages, that there are several lists online. While Finnerty’s 18 scotch has not hit the list, it will soon with more interest sparked online and people frantically trying to find a Finnerty’s whiskey for their house.

What could be worthy of Finnerty's? How about Lagavulin 16 year old single malt? It was awarded a double gold medal at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 

The Moloko Plus

 Malcolm McDowell in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, 1971.

The Moloko Plus made its debut in 1962 on A Clockwork Orange. The drink was known as milk with knives in it, and it was drunk by the movie’s protagonist to get him primed for violence. In the film, the milk is laced with three drugs, which were said to be Vellocet, Drencrom, and Synthemesc. 

Now as fun as that would sound to drink, the best whiskey we could recommend that packs a punch is Ardbeg single malt scotch. Ardbeg has been voted Best Whiskey 3 years in a row and is known for its  "SMOKIEST of all the Islay malts." You can even have it delivered to your front door.

The Black Pony Scotch

This brand of scotch was found in an apartment of a character in the movie, Laura. The detective trying to solve her supposed murder believed that the victim would not have drunk such a cheap brand of scotch whiskey. Gene Tierney played Laura and she was absolutely stunning!

Now we are no fans of cheap whiskey, but if you want a whiskey that is great but doesn't break the bank try Rebel Yell. It's Kentucky Straight Bourbon and one of the "few wheated bourbons on the market. Rebel yell is a warm finish with a honey raisin scent. Who knows maybe you could enjoy it with your "Laura."

Duff Beer

Most know of Duff Beer from The Simpsons.  This beer was consumed by various characters on the show, and it has been there since its introduction in May 1990. It is the basis of a few storylines in the series, and some variations include Duff Lite, Duff Dry, and Duff Dark.

We aren't a beer site but since we are pairing and Duff's is a "name brand" (lol), let us stick with tried and true Crown Royal. 

Buzz Beer


Buzz Beer was featured on The Drew Carey Show in May 1996. It was a mix of coffee and that was made by the show’s characters in a garage. The marketing of the product had similar ingredients to a beer produced by a competitor.

So if you are looking for a buzz look no farther than Bruichladdich, this distillery knows what they are doing. The distillery that is known for producing whiskey with the highest alcohol content. 

Clyburn 15-Year Old Scotch

This scotch was featured on Batman the Dark Knight. Characters were drinking Clyburn 15-Year Old scotch, but it does not exist. In the movie the police Commissioner Loeb (Colin McFarlane) is poisoned by The Joker when pouring a drink of Clyburn scotch. 

No we are not going to poisen you but let's get to basics a simple 10 year Irish Whiskey, Egan's Irish Whiskey 10-year malt. 

Glen McKenna 30-Year


On the show, How I Met Your Mother, the characters asked a local bartender to give them the most expensive scotch whiskey they had. They were served this fictitious scotch whiskey.

We didn't select a 30-YR whiskey but how about a 12 year whiskey. Give the Temple Bar Irish Whiskey a shot ( 

Screaming Viking


The Screaming Viking was introduced in the show Cheers in 1987. The regulars at the bar created the drink to get rid of the new bartender they didn’t like, so that they could keep Woody. It has become a real drink today in real bars, but it was fictitious at the time it was made on television. A recipe for the Screaming Viking is now available on Food & Wine Magazine’s website.

Cheers is a classic and so we are going to go with a classic...Johnnie Walker Double Black scotch

Uncle Jemima’s Pure Mash Liquor

This liquor was shown on Saturday Night Live, in three different episodes including February 2000, march 2000, and May 2000. The character, played by Tracy Morgan, was the husband of Aunt Jemima. Her beverage became a commercial parody that portrayed stereotypes and poked fun at history.

History can be ugly, but what is important is that we learn from it. With this whiskey we aren't messing around and it's "the truth." Marker's Mark Bourbon Cask Strength. ***Warning Not For The Faint of Heart***


I Love Lucy

Anyone who loves the classics knows of the hilarious episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy schemed to get on Ricky’s TV show by doing a commercial for a beverage that was supposed to contain minerals, vitamins, vegetables, and meat. As Lucy continues to drink the beverage, she becomes tipsier, which makes clear that the product contains alcohol, too.

Lucy is big and bold and so it this... Backbone Bourbon Uncut. A shout out to the blue collar family. Big bold flavors and high proof is sure to catch your attention. 

Heisler Beer

This beer was a placeholder name for other beers, and the legendary brand appeared in numerous films, radio shows, and television programs for several years, per Wikipedia.

In addition to the Heisler Beer, there were other fictitious brands created by the studio, including their Clermont Bourbon, the J. Darby Scotch, Glencallan Scotch, Killarney  Dell Irish Whiskey, and the Old & Rare Blended Scotch. They are also known for a variety of cigarettes and soft drinks that they made up, such as PC Cola and Cabot-Cola.

If we are going to go with something that has been made popular in pop-culture then how could we forget Jack Daniels. A lot has been said about Jack Daniel's, but they do not disappoint with Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select.

Do Actors Really Drink on the Show?

No, most of the time the alcoholic beverages shown are nothing more than soda water or regular drinking water combined with colors and garnishes. Even in shows where there is marijuana, such as the show Weeds, the actors are smoking an herbal tobacco, says Business Insider. For beer, they will use a carbonated iced tea or near beer, like Sharps.

For the darker-colored liquors, weak tea is used, while water replaces the clear liquors.

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