No one can visit Scotland without going on a few scotch tours. After all, Scotland is home to the finest single malt scotch whiskeys in the world. These scotch whiskey tours are some of the most refined, and they expose travelers to an array of flavor profiles, tastes, and methods for designing fantastic scotch.

Scotland is the only place where a straight single malt scotch whiskey can be created; therefore, anyone visiting there must tour a distillery offering a tour, dose of scotch, and a taste of history.

Top Distilleries to Visit for Scotch Tours in Scotland

  1. The Cardhu Distillery

The Cardhu Distillery is in Speyside and was named after the Black Rock. It is a small distillery founded originally by a whiskey smuggler. However, it was run by the smuggler’s wife, and it is the only Scottish distillery to be led by a woman. Cardhu was sold to Johnnie Walker, and it is the premier place to see where a person’s favorite Johnnie Walker single malt and blended scotch whiskeys are made.

  1. The Glenlivet, Speyside

Another classic Speyside location for scotch tours in Scotland is The Glenlivet. Originally founded in the 1800s, this distillery has more than 200 stills. It is surrounded by lush mountains, and it takes a person back in history. The walking tours and trails let tourists see where bootleggers used to travel to get their scotch. Also, the indoors tour includes a tasting of more than seven Glenlivet scotch varieties.

  1. The Macallan, Speyside

Most scotch whiskey lovers will have a bottle of Macallan in their liquor cabinet. As one of the world’s most famous whiskey-makers, they have an archive of vintage scotch that sells for thousands of dollars around the world. During the tour, a person can see the whiskey-making process, and if they opt for the Precious Tour, they get an advanced look at the process along with a free tasting.

  1. Strathisla, Keith, Banffshire

Visit the oldest working distillery in the Highlands of Scotland. It rests on the banks of the Isla River, and the building was constructed so that it could absorb the atmosphere around it. They offer one-hour tours every 30 minutes at the distillery. Those who want to pre-book a Connoisseur Tour can visit between March and November but must pre-register to gain access. The tours are not free; therefore, visitors must be prepared to pay for their visit.

  1. Edradour, Perthshire

This is by far the most romantic location and the perfect place for a distillery. It is the smallest distillery in the country, but it is known for its single malts and unusual blends that have been made since 1825. There are limited quantities of their House of Lords brand, which includes 12 casks per week that are laid for a decade. They offer one-hour guided tours along with a tasting for a small fee per person. However, tours are only offered from April to October.

  1. Glenfiddich, Banffshire

This is the one distillery that allows tourists to explore everything that goes into creating a perfect single malt scotch. Compared to modern scotch whiskey tours in Edinburgh, the Glenfiddich lets visitors see the process from the barley to the bar, minus the bottling process.

Because the facility is family-run, bookings are required. The tour totals 90 minutes and is one of the most in-depth scotch tours in the country. There is also a private tasting session.

  1. The Islay Malts

The Islay Malts have several excellent tours that offer a beautiful background. There are guides provided through the Laphroaig and Lagavulin distilleries, which offer everything from a practical course in scotch-making to giving a visitor a taste of the history that makes up the region.

  1. The Glenmorangie in Highland

The Glenmorangie is located on the shore of the Dornoch Firth in northern Scotland. It has the tallest stills in the country, standing at an estimated 17 feet tall. Their casks are always aged to perfection, and they never do short-batch maturation. The Heritage Tour offered by the distillery includes lunch, a sampling of scotch, and a walk to their water source (the Tarlogie Springs). It is the ideal way to spend the day off the water and in the rich landscape of northern Scotland.

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