The First New Distillery in Over a Century

The Teeling whiskey distillery is a famous Irish whiskey distillery which is actually the first new distillery to open in Dublin in over 125 years. Dublin, being the historic capital of Irish whiskey production, is home to a number of historic distilleries, but Teeling Distillery has quickly established itself as one of the best in the region.

After establishing in just 2015, the new Teeling Distillery produces more than 500,000 liters of whiskey each year. It has four popular whiskey products, including their Teeling Whiskey Small Batch, Teeling Whiskey Single Grain, Teeling Whiskey Spirit of Dublin, and their Teeling Whiskey Single Malt.

The Teeling Distillery was founded by brothers Stephen and Jack Teeling, whose father was known for having founded the Cooley Distillery back in 1987. The Teeling Distillery might be new, but it is founded on a historic knowledge of whiskey, having been constructed in the Liberties region in Dublin, which is close to where Walter Teeling (another ancestor of the family who worked in whiskey) established his own distillery back in 1782.

The phoenix rising from a pot on the Teeling logo represents the family’s journey over hundreds of years, and the establishment of a brand-new distillery designed to bring the family’s whiskey operations into the 21st century.

The Original Teeling Distillery

Teeling whiskey
The original distillery, opened by Walter Teeling in 1782, was established in the Liberties area of Dublin, which was then considered the heart of whiskey distilleries in the city. This original Teeling distillery was purchased by a nearby operation, William Jameson & Co, which was established on the same lane. The company, however, closed in 1923, and the Teeling Distillery was no more.

It was in 1987 that John Teeling purchased a new facility in Cooley, which was previously used by the Irish Free State Government. It was designed to produce industrial-grade alcohol from potatoes, but the plant was converted into a whiskey distillery, and in 1989, it became the Cooley Distillery. At the time, this was the first new whiskey distillery in Ireland since the major closures that occurred throughout much of the early 20th Century.

Jack and Stephen, the founders of the modern Teeling Distillery, worked for their father before the distillery was sold off in 2011. It is this experience in the whiskey distilling industry that encouraged the two sons to create the Teeling Distillery in 2015, which today produces high quality bottlings that are exported all over the world. Many a Teeling Whiskey review compliments the flavor profiles as well as the traditional distillery processes used to create this classic Irish tipple.

Available the World Over

Teeling whiskey
Teeling Distillery’s Irish whiskey is now available all over the world. In fact, Teeling whiskey’s USA exports are substantial, with a large market throughout the East Coast and beyond. The Teeling Whiskey price tends to vary, too, though many UK and US sites sell it at reasonable prices.

The four main bottlings from Teeling are sold and consumed all over the world, but there are some extra bottlings that may be harder to find. As well as the Single Malt, Single Grain, Small Batch and Spirit of Dublin, there is the Teeling Vintage Reserve 33-Year-Old Single Malt, and the Vintage Reserve 24-Year-Old Single Malt, which can be significantly harder to get your hands on.

The Spirit of Dublin bottling is actually a Poitín, too, which is a traditional clear spirit unique to Ireland.

Bringing Old Techniques to the 21st Century

As well as distilling the classics, Teeling produces some of the most exciting new batches of whiskey today. Any Irish whiskey lover should be sure to keep an eye out for any new bottlings from this traditionally-inspired distiller.

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