One of the main reasons why the Old Overholt rye whiskey is one of the most famous rye whiskeys in America is its fine and exquisite taste. How did Abraham Overholt, the original owner of the Overholt distillery, and the distillery’s subsequent owners manage to create such a fine taste? This is precisely what we’ll answer today. We’ll take a look at the main principles on which Abraham based the Old Overholt rye whiskey. Moreover, we’ll explain how this whiskey was made.

Old Overholt Rye Whiskey: The Story Behind the Taste

Old Overholt Principles

Before getting into the process of how the Old Overholt whiskey was made, we’d like to briefly mention the three principles on which Abraham Overholt based the making of this whiskey. The principles are:

Work hard. Stand fast. Don’t waver.

These were not only principles by which he lived his life. They were also principles that helped create the Old Overholt whiskey as we know it today. Given the fact that he is considered the father of American distilling, it’s quite clear that we owe Abraham Overholt the dedication and hard work that other distillers put in their products as well. Finally, his legacy continues to this day, and the flavor of the Old Overhold rye whiskey remains an American favorite.

How the Old Overholt Rye Whiskey is Made

In order to show you how the Old Overholt rye whiskey manages to have such an exquisite and fine taste, we’ll take a look at the distillation process used by the Overholt distillery. This distillation process relies on the “three chamber” still. This is an American invention that dates back to the same time the Overholt whiskey was first made, namely the 1800s. The reason why we thought we should talk about it is because it has been used to make the Old Overhold rye for many decades.

The “three chamber” still was made up of a tall and tapered column. The column was build out of cedar-wood or cypress staves hooped with iron. Its inside was split into three compartments divided by horizontal copper plates. The bottom compartment contained a pipe that carried the steam and a valve for outflow. Two copper pipes shaped like an upside-down “J” went from the top of the first chamber into the chamber above. Out of the middle chamber came another copper pipe that went through the top one and into the “thumper keg”. Finally, the still reached a standard condenser.

Now, how did this complicated design work? Well, first, you placed the wash into the two compartments at the top. Then, you allowed it to steam until it reached the bottom compartment. This is what took away the alcohol, which went through the “thumper keg”, at which point it got purified. Then, it got condensed and turned into whiskey.

This whole procedure demanded that the first Old Overholt distillers use manual operations. However, it was cheap and highly efficient. Moreover, it was what gave the Old Overholt rye whiskey its unique and exquisite taste.

Bottom Line

We hope today’s guide to how the Old Overholt rye whiskey used to be made and the principles on which it relied has helped you understand better why it remains one of the most appreciated rye whiskeys in America to this day. Considering how affordable the Old Overholt price is, and that you only have to pay around $20 for an Old Overholt rye whiskey 1l bottle, we strongly recommend sampling this fine tasting whiskey.

Image Source: NisidaLiquor.

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