Who’s Got A Top Ten List Of The Best Bourbon?

Whether you are creating a bucket list of good bourbon to try, or you want to purchase the best-tasting bourbon without wasting your money, there are some that will outperform the competition every time.

There is nothing quite like a good bourbon, so when you are stocking your bar, make sure you include this list of the best bourbon whiskey money can buy.

Top 10 Bourbons for Your Home Bar

  1. Jim Beam Bonded

The moment you pour a glass of this bourbon, you will be invited to dive into the orange, honey, and grain flavors of this bourbon. It spreads evenly on the palate as scents of licorice and rye waft into the nose. When it finishes, you will taste a prominent flavor of lavender and floral notes.

While this is one of the best bourbons, be careful when drinking this one — keep it for a sipping bourbon, as it is 100-proof.

  1. E.H. Taylor, Jr. Barrel Proof

Made in Kentucky, this bourbon is bottled without cuts, and it is unfiltered. Instead, it goes straight to bottle right out of the cask. It is an authentic bourbon that has a rich aroma and perfect color. It coats the glass, letting you know it has been aged to perfection.

  1. Jim Beam Signature Craft Bourbon Whiskey 12-Year

While very expensive, it one of the best tasting bourbons, making it is perfect for your collection. The moment you pour this bourbon, you will get notes of licorice, cherry, and cake. The finish is smooth with hints of cinnamon and creamy vanilla bean. It deliberately slides down your palate and deposits fruit and brown sugar as it goes. It is so complex and delicious, you will find yourself casually sipping this bourbon for hours.

  1. Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve 9-Year

There is something to be said about a single barrel small batch reserve bourbon whiskey. Knob offers nutty flavors, hints of honey, creamy vanilla and an impact on your palate. The rye and barley take center stage in this bourbon, and as it flows across your tongue, you get a sensation of sweetness. Overall, it is still delicate, dry, and finishes to perfection.

Best Bourbon Knob Creek

  1. Sazerac Kentucky Tavern Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Enjoy an 80-proof bourbon that is light, delicate, and finishes strong. There are plenty of floral notes to soak up with this bourbon, and you get the malt backing of corn and barley. Overall, it is highly elegant and still refreshing. The finish is dry but long.

  1. Blanton’s

Blanton’s is known for their single barrel creations. As a bourbon lover or someone ready to stock up, the Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon should be top of the list. It has rich notes of caramel and vanilla, and the finish is perfectly balanced.

  1. Booker’s

Booker’s offers the taste of pure bourbon without the fuss. It is smoky, raw, and incredibly complex. You even pick up notes of coffee as you sip it, and the bottle will last you quite a while considering it is meant for neat sipping only.

  1. Hogs Bourbon 3-Year

It is rare to find a bourbon that is aged under five years taste so great, but Hogs Bourbon has figured out a way to do it. Their three-year is livelier than longer-aged versions, and it offers rich fruit combined with chocolate, coffee, and hints of vanilla bean. The charred oak barrels add a layer of smokiness, and the finish is full of spice.

  1. Jim Beam Black Bourbon Whiskey 8-Year

Whiskey lovers always favor the Black label from Jim Beam. It has a bold rye flavor that strikes the nose the moment it is poured. After the first taste, you are greeted with delicious honey, brown sugar, and salted caramel. It is full-bodied and warm, yet pleasing to swallow.

  1. Noah’s Mill

Noah’s Mill is 114-proof and incredibly smooth — considering the alcohol content. It is a small-batch bourbon that offers a punch of rye immediately, then finishes with thick vanilla.


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