Scotch drinks are not the best for those new to scotch whiskey should ease themselves in by creating mixed drinks and cocktails. Scotch is great neat (or on its own), but it does have a pungent aroma and finish that may be off-putting to some. Therefore, mixing it, such as in a scotch and soda drink, can help newbies appreciate the delicate flavors and work that goes into creating a blended or single malt scotch.

Scotch Mixed Drinks are Not Easy

Scotch is notorious for being difficult to mix. The scotch flavor is highly smoky; therefore, it does not pair with traditional mixers as well as others. There are time-tested scotch cocktails that are perfect for beginners as well as those who do not enjoy the brashness of straight scotch.

10 Mixed Drinks with Scotch to Try

  1. Mamie Taylor

This cocktail features a combination of scotch, ginger beer, and lime juice. It is fruity, flavorful, and smooth to sip on a summer day. It is also the easiest way to drink two ounces of scotch without noticing.

  1. Give You a Pause

This is a traditional scotch whiskey drink that comes from the south and is paired perfectly with Monkey Shoulder Scotch. It combines Monkey Shoulder, blue plum brandy, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, falernum bitters, and orange peel.

  1. Rob Roy

The Rob Roy is one of those iconic mixed drinks with scotch whiskey that everyone has heard of and probably tried at least once in his or her lifetime. Basically, it is a Manhattan made with scotch. However, it is still delicious and includes Angostura bitters, sweet vermouth, maraschino cherries, and a fine scotch whiskey.

The Rob Roy was created at the New York City Waldorf-Astoria in the 1890s, says It was released along with the 1894 Broadway Show Rob Roy, which highlighted the story of the Scottish Robin Hood known as Robert Roy MacGregor.

  1. Home Sweet Home

Those looking for a relaxing, smooth drink at the end of the day will enjoy the addition of chamomile tea to the Home Sweet Home cocktail. It pairs best with Dewar’s 12-Year Scotch, but any well-aged scotch will do. Mix it with chamomile tea, simple syrup, lemon juice, and lemon peel.

  1. The Morning Glory Fizz

This is a classic cocktail from the 1930s and is featured in the Savoy Cocktail Book. While it takes a lot of ingredients, it is worth the extra effort. The Morning Glory Fizz comes with a blended scotch whiskey, simple syrup, lemon juice, absinthe, egg whites, soda water, and orange peel for garnish.

It is bubbly, refreshing, and vibrant.

  1. The Blood and Sand

Blood and Sand are another classic scotch cocktail. It is a drink that works with a smokier scotch as well as a scotch that is lighter on the peat. It is not too sweet, has great balance, and works well with blended whiskeys.

The cocktail is made by combining orange juice, whiskey, sweet vermouth, and Cherry Heering.

  1. The Smoking Gun

The perfect cocktail for a smoky scotch. It offers whiskey bitters, brown sugar cordial, Fernet Branca, and a blended scotch. It is perfect for just sipping and resting after a long day at work or to end the perfect weekend.

  1. Spey Awhile

Using a robust single malt scotch whiskey in this drink will enhance the flavors. In fact, a 13-year from Craigellachie is recommended. Combine the scotch with Benedictine, vermouth, and Angostura bitters to complete the cocktail.

  1. Scotch Cocktail

This is a classic real scotch cocktail that pairs perfectly with the peat smoke of a single malt scotch. Those who like the taste of scotch, but cannot deal with the burn of it neat can add a sugar cube or one teaspoon of sugar to the bottom of the glass, along with ice cubes. Then two ounces of scotch and honey is added, along with angostura bitters to sweeten up the smokiness of the scotch.

  1. The Classic Scotch and Soda

Scotch and soda is the classic cocktail, and it is rather simple to make. Per, it is best served in a rocks glass or highball glass. They recommend a reserve or single malt that has aged for at least 10 years or more.

First, start with two ounces of scotch, then add a splash of soda water (not tonic water). Sip, and add additional soda water as it is needed. The point is to dwindle the brashness of the scotch slightly, but enhance the flavor – not water it down.

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