Sometimes, those on a diet still want to enjoy their evening cocktail. However, do drinking and weight loss really mix?

Per Go Ask Alice from Columbia University, it depends on how much drinking. Naturally, a person drinking three to four drinks per day would have a hard time losing weight, because each glass carries empty calories – calories that take up an individual’s daily intake rather quickly. Therefore, it is always about moderation and monitoring calorie intake to understand how many calories in scotch drive up a person’s daily intake amount.

So, How Many Calories are in a Shot of Scotch?

calories in scotch
Surprisingly, scotch whiskey is one of the lower calorie options, says Livestrong. However, moderation is still important to keep the weight off.

Alcohol calories are empty calories. To avoid calorie overload, moderate consumption is best.

One ounce of scotch whiskey, approximately a single shot, is about 64 calories if the scotch is 80 proof. If the scotch is 100 proof, then there are 80 calories per one ounce.

The proof is double the alcohol concentration. Therefore, a 40 percent alcohol concentration is 80-proof, and a 100-proof scotch is 50 percent alcohol.

Those doing 1.5-ounce shots would increase their calorie count. For example, a 70-proof 1.5-ounce shot of scotch whiskey would be 85 calories, while a 100-proof 1.5-ounce shot would equal 124 calories on its own.

What About How Many Calories in a Glass of Scotch?

The same rule applies as a shot of scotch. Most glass tastings include two ounces of scotch whiskey. Therefore, using the same data as the shot, an 80-proof scotch would be 128 calories per two-ounce glass. If drinking 100-proof scotch, then there would be 160 calories per two-ounce glass.

What About Mixers? How Many Calories in a Scotch and Soda?

Mixers will tack on the calories because most mixers have calories themselves. For example, mixing scotch with soda water is approximately 105 calories per cocktail serving, with zero coming from fat. Soda wate

r does not have any calories; therefore, adding soda water to scotch would mean a person is only consuming the calories of their scotch.

However, if they use tonic water or traditional soda pop, they are adding the calories from those drinks.

A sound cocktail that uses scotch but stays low on calories is a Rob Roy. This drink includes whiskey, vermouth, and bitters. It is simple, classic, and available at most bars. Also, it only has 145 calories per serving.

The Healthiest Way to Drink Scotch? Water

If a person wants to mix scotch or lessen the brash flavor of a neat scotch, then drinking it with water or melting a few ice cubes into the drink offer a cut in the smoky flavor, but don’t add extra calories to worry about counting.

Compared to other spirits, scotch whiskey is surprisingly low in calories. However, they are empty calories no matter how they are served. Therefore, a person must be cautious about how much they drink per week.

The reason scotch has a calorie count comes from the way it is made: from grain. The higher the proof of the scotch, the more calories in the scotch.

There are a few healthy ways to enjoy scotch without the added calories, including:

  • Ordering a Neat Scotch: Drinking scotch straight is the best way to cut back on calories. A good single malt scotch does not need a mixer, and it is easy to drink by itself. Also, when a quality scotch is consumed, it goes down smoothly and has an excellent finish.
  • On the Rocks: Ordering scotch with ice has no calories, Ice waters down the finish, and makes it easier to consume.
  • Mixing with Water: Adding water to the scotch can be done with any type of scotch, including a fine single malt. In fact, water may enhance the flavor the scotch and bring out characteristics that are not noticeable in the neat
  • Ginger Ale or Diet Coke: For those who do not want to add club soda, using ginger ale or diet coke can keep the calorie count low, while cutting the smoky flavor of the scotch. However, ginger ale and diet coke still have sodium and sugar; therefore, a person should be cautious about how much they use with their scotch.

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