Jura Distillery, located on the Isle of Jura, is located just off the West Coast of Scotland. Initially, the distillery opened in 1810, and people of the area could enter and distill for personal use. However, when the ban was introduced, the distillery fell into disrepair and was almost forgotten.

Eventually, two real estate owners in the 1960s decided to rebuild the distillery, and by 1963, they reopened and introduced their great stills, which allowed them to create mixes of malts, says Wikipedia.

Today, Jura scotch varieties are some of the finest and most award-winning whiskeys in the world.

jura scotch
The Process of Making a Jura Scotch

The distillery’s process is quite extraordinary, which is why Jura whiskey comes with an excellent price tag. For starters, they only use the purest water that originates from the Island’s mountains in the Paps of Jura. As the water naturally filters down into the Market Loch below, they use the water in their distillery to create their single malt.

Jura has the tallest stills of any island-based distillery. However, with those great stills comes pure whiskeys, which is why they made an effort to ship and install them.

The makers of Jura know that it takes an exceptional amount of time to craft the perfect whiskey. That is why they don’t release until they have a minimum of ten years in the cask.

Exploring the Isle of Jura Scotch Varieties

Jura Distillery has released several scotch varieties, some of which are affordable in price range and some are more of a collector’s item.

The Jura 10-Year Old

This delicious, well-rounded and balanced whiskey has sweet hints of sherry casks and smoky notes. It was born from the island and is still produced in the same shape bottle of years ago. It is matured in sea air, which is why there are hints of salt and seaweed in each sip.

When drinking the 10-Year, consumers may notice hints of peat smoke and the color of the whiskey is a warm gold. On the tongue, it has hints of ginger, fresh ground coffee, and nectarines.

The Jura Prophecy

This is a heavily peated malt based on the prophecy of the one-eyed man banished from the island.


The Superstition from Jura is a single malt whiskey with hints of peat smoke.

The Origin

This is the 10-Year scotch that comes from a distinct selection of aged Jura scotch.

The Diurachs

This is the rare 16-Year scotch from Jura that is released periodically, but not mass-produced.

Isle of Jura 1997 Connoisseurs Choice

This version was distilled at the Isle of Jura Distillery back in 1997. It is a lighter, buttery whiskey that comes from their exclusive line of connoisseur choice whiskeys.

Isle of Jura 30-Year Old

This version was nicknamed after the infamous Standing Stones of the Isle of Jura. The whiskey comes in a copper decorated bottle and beautiful presentation case. It is a very rich scotch with zesty finishes, cocoa powder, chocolate orange, plum jam, and allspice.

The Jura Tastival

Each year, the Jura Tastival brings whiskey fans from around the globe to experience the amazing scotch of Jura. The festival is by invitation only, but those interested can email the owners of the Jura Distillery and request an invitation to the event.

From each year’s Tastival is an anniversary bottle. For example, the Jura Tastival in 2016 has a dedicated bottle.

The Tastival is also where the distillery revives past whiskeys that were once discontinued. For example, the Isle of Jura 21-Year-Old Scotch. It was originally suspended in 2009, but was re-released and is an award-winning variety from Jura.

A Little More About the Isle of Jura

The Isle of Jura is quite extraordinary on its own, and the distillery focuses on island culture when crafting their whiskeys.

Jura is a highly remote island, and it is not easy to get to as a tourist. There a person would find ancient lands, including the Standing Stones that were raised 4,000 years ago. Just off the coast, there is the infamous Corryvreckan, which is a massive whirlpool that is breathtaking to see, but dangerous to enter. In fact, it is cited by the Royal Navy as one of the scariest bodies of water in the British Isles.


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