Single malt scotches are not easy to buy. Today, there are hundreds of different varieties, dozens of brands, and terms tossed around that make purchasing the right whiskey rather confusing. Also, some scotches are costlier than others, so before a consumer makes their scotch investment, they want to know the details about each and what makes them worth every penny.

To help, these single malt scotch reviews examine some of the most popular brands, including McClelland, Monkey Shoulder, Grant’s, and more.

Most of these scotch reviews highlight the most popular scotch batches to come from the biggest names in scotch. Luckily, most are budget-friendly and easy to find, because these brands do not specialize much in vintage or rare single malt blends.

What McClelland Scotch Reviews Say

McClelland’s single malt comes from the company’s parent company, Morrison Bowmore Distillers. There is no original McClelland distillery, which is relatively rare for the industry, says Wikipedia. Most brand names have their own distillery and bottling. Most of McClelland’s bottlings don’t specify an age, either, which makes it hard to tell what comes from what year. However, they are branded as Speyside bottling with listed ages of 12 years or more.

Today, McClelland’s offers five single malt whiskeys, including their Highland, Islay, Lowland, Speyside, and Speyside 12 Year Old.

What Do Monkey Shoulder Scotch Reviews Say?

Monkey Shoulder combines three single malts, including Glenfiddich, Kinninvie, and Balvenie. It is an excellent whiskey for cocktails but also goes well on its own. It is very smooth, has a sweet flavor to it, and overall very easy to drink even when ordered neat.

Monkey Shoulder’s Batch 27 is the most popular, and easiest to find in the United States. It features zesty orange with vanilla, honey, and oak.

The name is quite odd for a single malt scotch; however, it comes from the injury that malt-men would suffer when they turned the barley by hand. Since the use of hand turns are no longer in practice, and the injury is no longer something that occurs at distilleries, the name lives on through their whiskey.

Monkey Shoulder is a whiskey that likes to linger, per William Grant & Sons. Therefore, it is best served in a cocktail, which is why the company offers a full list of recipes.

What Do Grant’s Scotch Reviews Say About their Single Malt Whiskeys?

Gran’s is an award-winning brand of scotch. Their flagship blend, known as the Grant’s Family Reserve, was first made in 1898 by William Grant. Today, it is a grain-based whiskey that comes from their Girvan distillery.

Per their own site, the Family Reserve line is sold in more than 180 countries. It is especially great in a Manhattan or Blood and Sand cocktail. To the nose, it is complex and has hints of pear along with summer fruits. It tastes like vanilla with light floral and malt notes.

In addition to their Family Reserve, there is also the Grant’s Master Blender’s Edition Whiskey, which is spicy, smooth, and highly involved. It offers long, warm notes of spice and chocolate to finish.

Another highly ranked whiskey from Grant’s includes the Grant’s Ale Cask Finish Whiskey, which has taken real ale and created whiskey from the casks to create a malty, creamy, blend with tastes of red apple and maple.

What Do Clan MacGregor Scotch Reviews Look Like?

Clan MacGregor has not reached peak popularity yet, but it is one of the fastest-growing brands of Scotch whiskey on the market today. The brand is available in more than 60 countries, from the United States to the

Middle East and Thailand.

It is a high-quality, but affordable scotch whiskey, which is one reason it is becoming a highly in-demand scotch in most countries. It is a pleasant dram and offers sweet, but spicy notes that are lively, vibrant, and include a grainy sweet finish.

Clan MacGregor is owned by William Grant & Sons, which is an independent distillery that has been in operation since 1887.

The Clan MacGregor line is classified as a Speyside malt with hints of the Highlands, says their site.  The company utilizes the Clan’s badge and motto from the 8th Century to highlight their traditional and historic single malt blend.

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