Japanese whisky did not become popular until the early 2000s in the United States, but Japan has revered it since the 1920’s.

While they embody much of the Scottish distillery styles, the Japanese line is fruitier, more subtle, and great in a cocktail.

Yamazaki whiskeys are the Suntory brand’s pioneer whisky. They come in various ages, including the 12-year, 18-year, and 25-year. The most popular, however, are the 12 and 18-year versions.

As the Suntory flagship single malt, you will find that Yamazaki whisky is fruitier and features Japanese Oak hints, known as Mizunara.

Their single malts are refined and delicate, yet still flavorful. It offers multiple layers that have been praised by connoisseurs for decades, and more than 35 countries enjoy it today. It is also Japan’s highest-rated single malt whisky.

Introducing the Yamazaki 12-Year Whisky

When reading Yamazaki 12’s reviews, you will be instantly impressed. Not only does it carry some of the most awards of any Japanese whisky single malt, but consumers around the world enjoy it.

It is described as a succulent whisky featuring soft, sultry fruits. Overall, the flavor is well-rounded, and it deserves credit for the artistry that went into it.

A Run Down of What You Can Expect from Yamazaki 12-Year

  • Appearance: The 12-year has a dark golden color with opulent golden highlights that swirl around your glass.
  • Aroma: When you nose the whisky, you’ll notice delicious cinnamon, fresh juicy red apple, sugar, and succulent jasmine blossoms.
  • Taste: On your palate, you’ll notice the whisky is medium-bodied. There is a honey-like style to it, and there are bursts of vanilla malt dancing around your tongue. The apple and jasmine add layers of freshness, while the clove spices and cinnamon along with dusty ash and cedarwood enhance the dryness.
  • Finish: The finish of the 12-year is woodsy, and you’ll notice lingering notes of pineapple on your tongue, making for a refined, pleasing finish.

When it comes to the Yamazaki 12 price, you will see it varies from $120 to $180—depending on where you purchase it from.

What About the Yamazaki 18-Year Whisky?

Another big single malt from the Yamazaki Distillery of Japan is the single malt 18-year. The Yamazaki 18 reviews are just as impressive as the younger 12-year. Naturally, this rare 18-year comes with a hefty price, averaging anywhere from $500 to over $650, depending on where you buy it. The Yamazaki 18 from BevMo comes in cheaper at about $230. This is the non-collector edition.

The 18-year is an award-winning single malt from Japan. It received Gold at the 2007 International Spirits Challenge and won Double Gold in 2005 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

What You Can Expect from the 18-Year Yamazaki Whisky

  • Appearance: This is a delicious, sultry whisky that features a dark amber color and honey-like thickness.
  • Scent: Nosing a glass of the Yamazaki 18-year gives you flavors of rich coffee, freshly made café au lait, juicy raisins, apricots, and Mizunara (Japanese Oak).
  • Taste: The pleasantries in the taste of this 18-year keep going, slowly unraveling flavors of blackberry, fresh strawberry jam, and rich dark chocolate.
  • Finish: The finish is smooth, spicy, and long-lasting. You will continue to receive delicious autumn fruit notes long after you drink it.

How to Properly Enjoy Yamazaki Whisky

Most of the Yamazaki line of whisky can be served neat. However, many find that when you chill the Yamazaki, it brings out more flavors and enhances the sweetness of these Japanese spirits.

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