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The Glenmorangie Distillery is rich in history and was originally founded in 1843. It has been categorized as a Highland distillery in Scotland, and they are best known for their 10-, 18-, and 25-year scotch drinks.

Per the company’s own history, the earliest record of production at their Morangie Farm was back in 1703. By the 1730s, a brewery was constructed on a site that was shared with the farm’s primary water source, named the Tarlogie Spring. In 1843, the estate was purchased by William Matheson, who converted the brewery into a distillery and called the site the Glenmorangie, says Wikipedia.

Since its origination, the company has changed hands several times, but one thing remains: the quality of their single malt scotch. Official production of their whiskey began back in November of 1849, and in the early 1900s, the company started to export their scotch to Europe and the United States.

The Family of Glenmorangie Scotch Whiskeys

  • The Original: Also known as the Glenmorangie 10-Year, this is the original expression of their fine art of distilling. It matures for ten years in old bourbon casks and features a taste of vanilla, ripe peach, citrus, and a clean finish. It is one of the more affordable scotches from this family of products.
  • Lasanta: The Lasanta is an elegant, full-bodied scotch that is extra matured from the Original and gets two more years to gather its flavor. It is a reminder of the company’s Spanish history with a sweet aroma and complex flavor.
  • Quinta Ruban: The Quinta Ruban is a great, dark whiskey that spends ten years in American white oak casks before moving to ruby port pipes for further
  • The Glenmorangie 18 Years Old: This single malt scotch is one that spends 15 years in a white oak cask before spending an additional three years in Spanish Oloroso casks. The results are a long, enticing sweet flavor with dried fruit, nuts, dates, and figs.
  • The Signet: The Signet fuses rare and unique ingredients to create a whiskey that is the company’s signature of years of practice. It has a strong espresso aroma and tastes like candied orange peel, mocha
    , spices, and a fresh twinge of mint.
  • The Glenmorangie 25 Years Old: Another fine whiskey from the family, this is the oldest and rarest whiskey to come from the distillery. It is full-bodied and spends its time maturing in Oloroso casks, American white oak barrels, and French Burgundy casks before coming together to form one of the most refined whiskeys in the world. It has hints of dried fruits, coffee, spices, and brambles that warm down to the soul.
  • The Pride 1981: The Pride 1981 comes from 28 years of artistry. Limited quantities of this scotch were released, making it the ultimate collector’s item. This is the only whiskey to be matured for the longest timeframe, and the work and dedication show in its exceptional flavor.
  • The Pride 1978: This 34-year old release was originally a 19-year old whiskey that was then matured for an extra 15 years. Only 700 bottles were released of this rare edition. It features sweet woody notes and nuts, baked fruits, and a creamy fudge with a vanilla
  • Grand Vintage Malt 1990: The Grand Vintage has been nurtured for a quarter century to achieve absolute perfection. It is best known for the floral and fruity notes that come with a creamy finish. After a few sips, consumers are sure to taste hints of clove, baked apples and pears, and brown sugar all on top of a fresh baked biscuit.
  • Astar: Coming from the limited-edition line, the Astar has a bright golden color, spicy finish, and is perfect for those who want a welcoming scotch with a satisfying
  • Milsean: The Milsean is a single malt full of candied fruits and sweet flavors. It has a distinct cask preparation that sets it apart from other limited edition scotches. It is a highly-rewarded scotch too, and now it is in its seventh year of release.
  • Tayne: Tayne captures the history of the distillery and is a Spanish treasure. It was aged in Amontillado Sherry casks and has a rare finish that other whiskeys in the world only wish they could possess.
  • Dornoch: Another limited edition, Dornoch was created to build awareness of the preservation of the Dornoch Firth, which is a precious waterway in the region.

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