A relatively recent unveil of the newest product by Basil Hayden, the Basil Hayden rye whiskey is quite a special addition to the gallery of fine rye whiskeys on the market, due to the fact that it’s re-barreled.

What does that mean for us whiskey aficionados?

We’ll answer this question and delve deeper into this storied American whiskey in today’s Basil Hayden review of the brand so many people are talking about.

How much should you expect to pay for a bottle? What are the special features and tasting notes that differentiate it from other similar whiskeys? The following review will let you in on all the secrets of the Basil Hayden rye whiskey.

If you find that while reading this Basil Hayden review you’re interested in the history behind the brand, we’ve made a guide covering the topic

Basil Hayden Review: What Is Their Rye Whiskey Like?

The Special Twist

First of all, let’s look at the technique that makes Basil Hayden Rye 2017 so different from other rye whiskeys in the same price range.

As we’ve mentioned above, the technique is called re-barreling. It implies mixing traditional whiskey with a type of re-barreled rye that spent 4 years as a traditional rye whiskey, before being dumped out and aged another 7 years in cask oak barrels.

This re-barreled rye is what provides Basil Hayden Rye with a deep and distinctive taste. The rye is mixed with Kentucky straight rye whiskey to create this brand-new product. What’s interesting is that the predominant ingredient is the Kentucky straight rye whiskey. The manufacturers only add a touch of the re-barreled rye whiskey. That is more than enough to make a difference, which is easily noticeable in the aroma of the whiskey. The oak barrels in which the rye whiskey is kept also contribute to the exquisite taste of the final product. The Basil Hayden Rye clearly has an oaky backbone that provides it with depth and flavor.

Tasting Notes


The depth of this rye whiskey is noticeable from the moment you smell it. This is all the more impressive given the fact that it has an 80 proof delivery. Upon tasting it, your nose will be invaded by aromas such as cinnamon, oak, spice, fruit, vanilla, grain, toffee, citrus peels, and even dill.


On the palate is where you really feel the fact that re-barreled rye has been added to the mix. Apart from the unique flavor this gives the whiskey, you can also feel touches of coffee, vanilla, toffee, fruit, grain, oak, spice, dill, and citrus.


Since the finish is also extremely important for the quality and taste of a whiskey, you’ll be happy to hear Basil Hayden Rye has an exquisite and long-lasting finish of vanilla, oak, toffee, and spice. The combination of these ingredients ensures you won’t forget the taste of this whiskey that soon.

Feel, Appearance, Balance, and Body

Basil Hayden Rye isn’t only a fine tasting whiskey, but it’s also one that’s easy on the eyes. It has a lovely copper shade to it, which makes it even more inviting. In terms of feel, we enjoy the lightness and smoothness of this whiskey. It has a medium body and it’s nicely balanced, so we can’t really find a flaw with it.

Basil Hayden Rye Price

If you’re looking for a bottle of Basil Hayden Rye for sale, you should know it will cost you about $45. This is definitely not a high price, especially compared to other rye whiskey brands. However, it’s also not one of the lowest ones you can find. For instance, there are rye whiskey varieties that cost half the price of this one. Still, we would say this specific brand of rye whiskey is worth the money, especially if you’re a whiskey aficionado who wants to sample as many rye whiskey brands as possible.

How to Drink It

No Basil Hayden review would be complete without information on how to drink it. Due to the fact that it isn’t extremely spicy, you can enjoy Basil Hayden Rye neat, without feeling like it’s too overpowering. However, this whiskey is also great for making cocktails, which is another thing that adds to its value.

Final Verdict

The overall positive Basil Hayden Rye rating is one that we very much agree with and support. This new rye whiskey manufactured by Basil Hayden is enjoyable whether you are a whiskey connoisseur or someone who is just getting started with sampling different types of whiskey.

If you’re not used to the spiciness of rye whiskey, this brand is perfect for you. Its spiciness isn’t that overpowering, but it’s also not negligible. As a result, it will help your palate get used to spicy whiskeys faster. Still, it will also be an interesting experience in itself. We hope today’s Basil Hayden review has convinced you of that. We’re looking forward to hearing your opinion of it in the comments down below!

Image Source: The Manual.

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