Glenfiddich is a Speyside single malt created in Dufftown, Scotland. In Scottish, the name stands for the “Valley of the Deer,” which is why their logo features a stag. The distillery was originally founded in 1886, and the first Glenfiddich single malt was run from their stills in 1887 on Christmas Day.

About Glenfiddich Production

All whiskey under the brand of Glenfiddich is produced at their distillery in Dufftown. They use the water source from the Robbie Dhu Springs nearby, and all their whiskeys are matured using oak casks that come from the Caribbean, United States, or Spain.

The company focuses on their specialized knowledge and old wisdom in the world of whiskey creation. Most of their methods have been passed down through generations of master craftsmen and create some of the finest whiskeys in the world. The company still uses the original methods from when they first started, but have added some technology to make the process easier and more efficient.

What is especially unique about the company is that they have their own coppersmith. They did this so that they could keep the stills identical to those that the first distillery used. Since 1957, they have had their own on-site craftsmen tend to their 28 copper stills on the property, and the tradition is one that is highly relevant to the brand, per their site.

Core Range Whiskies

Glenfiddich Scotch 12 year
The core range whiskeys are those that are attainable for most budgets. The Glenfiddich 12-Year comes in the basic range sector and follows the signature tradition of 1887. It is creamy with long, smooth finishes and it is the perfect example of a style that is distinct from the region.

The Bourbon Barrel Reserve is a new way to think of whiskey. This 14-year old scotch features vanilla, brown sugar, pear, and apple and it is exclusive to the United States.

The Glenfiddich 15-Year is aged in European oak sherry casks as well as new oak casks. Then, mellowed out using the Solera Vat, which is a large oak tun. Overall, the finish is warm, rich with spice, and features honey with fresh fruits.

Another core range scotch includes the Glenfiddich 18-Year-Old Scotch. Every batch of this single malt is numbered and watched over with extreme care. They pride themselves on offering maximum consistency within their brand, and the flavor features rich oak, apple, and cinnamon. It is warming, inviting, and perfect for wintry weather.

The last of the core range line is the Glenfiddich 21-Year-Old single malt. This finishes the Caribbean rum cask era and comes with exotic notes of fig, ginger, banana, lime, and toffee. It has hints of rich vanilla and fig too.

Special Edition Scotch

The special edition line is perfect for the special occasion. Their whiskeys are created for a particular opportunity and feature events from around the world.

The most popular are their Age of Discovery Bourbon Cask, which focuses on the history of the Great American Rivers that transported oak casks filled with bourbon to New Orleans.

Another limited edition that is highly prized is the Distillery Edition. This is a higher-strength single malt that features flavors of spicy black pepper, floral notes, creamy textures, and a fruit flavor that is pure luxury. It comes in a smoky gray and gold collector’s flask for an added touch.

Rare and Vintage Scotch

Glenfiddich is not without a scarce and old line of whiskey.

In fact, they have some of the most sought-after rare and collector’s items.

The Glenfiddich 30-Year-Old, for example, is vibrant, zesty, and created with a delicate balance of oak and honey.

The Glenfiddich 50-Year-Old is truly exceptional. It has a half Century of expert craftsmanship and tradition poured into each flask. The whiskey was made from special casks that were matured for 50 years. It is rare, sought-after and historic whiskey. When it first started 50 years ago, it was soaked for over 60 hours before setting into the casks for maturing.

The rarest variety of scotch from the company is the Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve. It was named after the oldest person in Scotland, and there were only 11 bottles ever released of this infamous variety. It is a 55-year old incredibly rare scotch that was once auctioned for charity. One bottle sold in New York for $94,000.

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